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A variety of payroll services are available for you to choose from.

Option 1

Total payroll service is available which includes, payroll checks written and delivered to your business, direct deposit payroll checks, payroll taxes paid, payroll tax forms prepared including w-2's and 1099's.  Comp and Health insurance is also available with this option.

Option 2

You can either email or fax hours or commissions to us, we will prepare a duplicate pay stub and fax or email to you.  This allows you to prepare your own checks using your check stock.  We have a record on payroll in our office, therefore we prepare your payroll deposit amounts and quarterly payroll forms.

Option 3

We take your records either monthly or quarterly and prepare payroll deposit and quarterly payroll forms from your information.

accountingAccounting and accurate financial statements are important to all businesses regardless of their size or number of employees.  Business owners know that financial statements  can have a huge affect on the amount of taxes that needs to be paid each year.  When financial statements are prepared, reviewed and discussed throughout the year it can make the business owner aware of possible tax deductions that are being missed.  Financial statements also keeps the business owner aware of their tax liability.  This makes it possible to make changes to reduce tax liability before it is to late and at the least it they will not have one of those unpleasant surprises at tax time.  One of our goals is to help our clients become more aware of how important percentages are to controlling costs and increasing profits.  Often clients think strictly in terms of $'s but when they look at percentages as a tool they find they have been leaving money on the table.  A 1% change here and a 2% change there with other changes can make as much as a 10 to 15% change in the profits.  This can be the difference from getting by to making a comfortable profit.


Many clients prefer the monthly accounting option.  With the monthly accounting the client gets.

Free pick and delivery of the accounting records each month

Payroll tax liability calculated, we either complete payroll tax coupon or make the payment for you online.

Sales tax calculated, we either prepare the sales tax form or e-file for you.

Reconcile all bank accounts and relay any adjustments that may be needed to you quickly.

Prepare a general ledger and check register giving you quick access when you need to retrieve information quickly.

Monthly Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements.  We note and verify major changes so that you can make adjustments if needed.  At no charge we will assist you in preparing a monthly budget for your business.  You can then compare what you want to happen to what actually happened.  We have found this to be an invaluable tool for many businesses.  All the information can be shown in color charts and graphs so you can pinpoint trends.


Quarterly Accounting option gives our clients the same service and reports as the monthly accounting option.  The real difference is that the reports can be somewhat stale because some information is three months old when we receive it.  It can still helpful to the business owner.  If you do not have payroll deposits or sales tax that needs to be made each month the quarterly accounting may be a more economical way for your business to keep accounting records.  The only difference is we see you every three months instead of each month, therefore the cost is less.


Annual Accounting option is used each year for preparation of income tax returns or to prepare form 1099's and w-2's.  This option gives the business owners accurate records for their tax returns.


Each of the accounting options can be tailored to your business's specific needs, you can control your accounting expense.

Our 25 years of experience and continuing research makes Accounting and Tax Associates P.A.  your best choice for income tax preparation for your personal or business returns.

We prepare corporate forms 1120 and 1120S.  Come in and let us go over the advantages that a corporation may make for your business and the tax savings that may apply to you.

Partnership returns, form 1065 are not common but we have prepared 100's of them and can guide you through the new pertaining to partnerships.

Non Profit form 990 can be confusing if you are not familiar with them.  We have years of experience regarding non profit returns and can assist you or complete your return assuring that your organization or association maintains it's non- profit status.

We can prepare your form 1040 regardless of the complexity.  Your return can be e-filed and if possible a refund can be direct deposited to your account or you can receive a "REFUND ANTICIPATION LOAN" the same day.

Our fees are competitive and in most cases far less than national firms that spend a great deal of money on TV and Radio advertising.  Come to our office and keep more of your money for yourself.


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