Accounting & Tax PA

Serving the Greater Tampabay Area

A variety of payroll services are available for you to choose from.

Option 1

Total payroll service is available which includes, payroll checks written and delivered to your business, direct deposit payroll checks, payroll taxes paid, payroll tax forms prepared including w-2's and 1099's.  Comp and Health insurance is also available with this option.

Option 2

You can either email or fax hours or commissions to us, we will prepare a duplicate pay stub and fax or email to you.  This allows you to prepare your own checks using your check stock.  We have a record on payroll in our office, therefore we prepare your payroll deposit amounts and quarterly payroll forms.

Option 3

We take your records either monthly or quarterly and prepare payroll deposit and quarterly payroll forms from your information.


(727) 230-6964 (Phone)


(727) 412-8370 (Fax)


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